How I fell hopelessly in love with my natural deodorant

There are probably more than a few hundreds of natural deodorants on the market and several million hits on Google for the phrase “natural deodorant”. Does the world need another natural deodorant? Do you? I think so, but why?

There are two important reasons. The first is that customers like you are using harsh chemicals that found in traditional deodorants like aluminium, parabens, petrochemical that may link to dementia and cancer [1]. While there is insufficient evidence to support the belief that using traditional antiperspirants or deodorants increases the risk of getting breast cancer or Alzheimer’s, but should you even risk it?

The second reason is many deodorants are using baking soda as one of the main ingredients to absorb moisture including sweat and keep your underarms dry. It also effectively kills odour causing bacteria. Although baking soda is not harmful in itself, many people developed rashes and skin irritation because of its alkaline nature, contrasting with the acidity of skin. As a result, baking soda strips natural moisture barrier, causing irritation, dryness, and discolouration. There is also potential for allergic reaction. Hence, we replace baking soda with Magnesium Hydroxide, found in soothing products such as Milk of Magnesia, balances the body’s natural pH while killing odour-causing bacteria without reducing skin moisture or causing skin damage.

Your next question may be “does your natural deodorant work?” Our deodorants are based on an entirely new, tested, and dramatic effective formula to reduce body and foot odour. Our deodorants targeted toward simple, chemical-free and natural and sustainable living in today’s polluted and climate change environment.

Many mainstream deodorants can actually be antiperspirants as they contain ingredients such as aluminium to help prevent sweating. However, our natural deodorants differ as they are aluminium-free, instead using antibacterial ingredients to help reduce odour without stopping sweat.

How did it all start?

I sweat a lot at night when I was sleeping. Sometimes, the sweat caused me to wake up in the middle of the night. The next morning, not only I could smell my body odour but it caused my room to smell too. Being self-conscious, I started to search for a deodorant that can help my problem. I looked into many natural deodorants and tried many of them. While some worked, however, I started to experience skin irritation from the baking soda. I wanted the deodorant that not only it helped to eliminate my odour, but without causing any skin irritation and harming the environment as little as possible.

I wanted to smell good, feel good and do good whenever I used it. That was how Bambe’s natural deodorant was developed. From the meaningful words, natural ingredients to plastic-free packaging, I wanted the deodorant to lift my body, mind, heart and spirit everyday. Now I wanted to share this with you.

Why choose to use something that may contain harsh ingredients when you can choose a better option for you and the planet. Personal care and beauty products shouldn’t cost the planet. So let’s cherish each other and make a difference one armpit at a time.

[1] Virk SA, Eslick GD (2015) Aluminum Levels in Brain, Serum, and Cerebrospinal Fluid are Higher in Alzheimer’s Disease Cases than in Controls: A Series of Meta-AnalysesJ Alzheimers Dis 47, 629-638.

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