How Bambe Club Works

Our goal is to ensure you’re feeling fresh and ready everyday. We will hand pick a variety of essential products from our selection for you with lots of love.

Set it and forget it!

Simply choose from our selection of packages and we will continue to deliver straight to your doorstep a few times a year. We take the hassle from restocking your toiletries and no need to pay for delivery!

What is included?

1 x Beautiful and eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush.

100% biodegradable moso-bamboo handle with nylon or activated charcoal bristles.

1 x 100-gram Activated bamboo toothpaste with spearmint flavour – naturally whitens teeth and removes plaque and stains, non-toxic and fluoride free


1 x 30-gram Activated coconut charcoal powder – 100% coconut shell charcoal which will whiten and polish teeth naturally.

1 x Incredibly soft bamboo socks.

Helps reduce foot odour, anti-bacterial, moisture wicking and thermal control that are suitable to wear all year round.

1 x Bamboo charcoal air-purifier.

Naturally removes odour, pollutants and allergens and helps prevent growth of bacteria, mould and mildew.


Make a social impact and give-back:

We will donate 5% of profits to Vinnies Australia to reduce homelessness and strengthen communities across Australia.

The Australian Dental Association recommends replacing toothbrushes every 2 to 3 months so you won’t forget when to buy new toothbrushes anymore.

We will hand pick a variety of designs from our selection for you with lots of love. This means you will get plenty of surprises and never get bored. In addition, our bamboo socks come in all different styles such as no-show, anklet and crew socks. So you will be pleasantly surprised when you receive our unique and inspirational designs!